About the Kent Repeater Group

Formed in 1974, the Kent Repeater Group continues to co-ordinate the provision, support and maintenance of VHF and UHF Amateur Radio repeaters in Kent.

The Group supports seven repeaters:

2 meters GB3KN near Maidstone
  GB3KS near Dover
70 cm GB3CK near Charing
  GB3EK near Margate
  GB3NK near Erith
  GB3RE near Maidstone
  GB3SK near Canterbury

For a detailed description of each repeater click on 'The Repeaters' on the left.

Like most UK repeater groups, the KRG is financed SOLELY from the subscriptions of users and the generosity of local amateurs and amateur radio suppliers. Although affiliated to the RSGB, the Group receives no direct financial help from them. The Kent Repeater Group requires to raise about 1,000 per annum to rent sites, pay for insurance, and to maintain, replace and improve the repeaters.

Click on 'Apply for Membership' for further information about how you can contribute to the Kent Repeater Group through your valued membership.

The building, development and maintenance of each repeater is carried out by a local working group under the direction of a Repeater Manager. These groups may consist of several people each responsible for his own particular speciality or may consist of a Manager who will co-opt assistants as required. The working groups are all unpaid volunteers. Most don't even claim expenses. If you feel you could be of assistance to your local team, you should contact the relevant repeater manager, or any member of the Committee who will help you to get in touch.

The day to day running of the Kent Repeater Group is carried out by a Committee, elected from the membership. The Committee consists of a President, Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, Editor, two Ordinary Members and the Repeater Managers. With the exception of the President, who is elected for a term of 3 years, all these officers are elected annually at the AGM. The AGM is usually held in May or June.

Further information on the Kent Repeater Group's repeaters may be obtained by contacting the relevant Repeater Manager, or any committee member.

The Kent Repeater Group is always happy to give talks at radio clubs. Please contact the Chairperson: Dave Williams, who is QTHR or email the Chairperson or call 078 0707 4538. You may also contact any other Committee member.